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Alex Goldberg

Alex is 15 years old from Glencoe Illinois and the founder and creator of The Up Dawg. He is a die-hard sports fan whos goal is to become a sports analyst. He created The Up Dawg as an opportunity for kids to share their views on sports. Alex's favorite teams are the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs!

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Acb sports

ACB Sports has been writing for The Up Dawg since May of 2020 as a way of growing his foothold in the sports media empire. ACB mostly writes about the NFL as a complement to his YouTube channel but has also posted articles on the NHL, NBA, and English Premier League.

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Gabe feldman

Gabe mainly writes about basketball and baseball. His two favorite sports which he has a passion for. Gabe is a Bulls fan and don't get him started about the Tigers. Gabe runs a Tigers page on Instagram and knows that team better than anybody.

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Power football

Javier Ascoli is a huge football fan and runs a football Instagram account. In addition to football, Javier also writes about soccer, basketball, and baseball. We might call him a journeyman because he likes teams from all over the world! Javier is a die-hard Miami Heat, Denver Broncos, LA Dodgers, and Real Madrid fan.

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jackschneider05 15

Jackson likes to write about football, basketball, and baseball. He is a fan of all Chicago sports teams besides the cubs. His goal is to become a professional sports analyst.

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Ethan Bass

Ethan Bass is a 10th Grader at North Broward Prep. He loves College Football, the NFL, NBA, and the NHL. Ethan owns Allgatornation on Instagram and Bass_Productions on youtube. Every Week he makes one article, one edit video, and one podcast!

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JAcob altman

Jacob is a sophomore who writes about the NCAAF, NFL, NBA, and NCAAM. He writes in many different styles and puts a lot of effort into each article.

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Griffin dw

Griffin is a 17-year-old high school senior who has been writing mainly about football for a few months. The articles he writes include takeaways from all games each week, lists, and reviews. He plans to pursue a career in sports journalism or sports broadcasting.

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NBA Reflect

NBA Reflect is a passionate NBA analyst and writer that will write about anything going on in the NBA. He started his Instagram page amongst the pandemic and has grown a lot of support through social media for his writing, and decided to join The Up Dawg as a way to further expand his sports passion and journalism.

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Nohuddlenfl is a 14-year-old who has been following the NFL for as long as he can remember, but he didn’t start writing about it until he started his Instagram in May of 2020. He joined The UP Dawg during the summer of 2020. Nohuddlenfl writes about many different teams, but his favorite team is the Steelers.

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vols galaxy

Vols.galaxy started his sports career on Instagram and joined The Up Dawg as a place where he could share his sports knowledge with the world. He is a huge Tennessee Vols fan, and writes articles about them, Formula 1, and sometimes NFL and NBA content! Happy Reading

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swish nexus

Swish Nexus (Jacob) is a 13-year-old freshman who has an Instagram account specializing in basketball content (@swishnexus). He’s a huge basketball fan who primarily writes articles about basketball discussions, opinions, stories, etc. He’s also a GS Warriors fan and hopes to pursue a sports journalism career for ESPN

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Bio soon to come!

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Sportsbreakdownz (Jack) is just a kid from Maine with bold opinions and won’t hesitate to share them. He is a Pats, C’s, Yankees fan. Most of his articles will be about those teams, but he will expand his content if he finds something interesting. Quality posts only :)

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Monsters of Chicago is a 19-year-old Bears fan who has been writing for The Up Dawg since November 2020. He is passionate about all things Chicago sports and loves to share his opinions. You can connect with him on his Instagram @monstersofchicago.

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ocsclions venue

OCSCLions Venue, run by Patrick Deleon, is a page that exclusively writes about the MLS franchise, Orlando City. Patrick created the OCSCLions Venue page on Instagram in April of 2019, later joining The Up Dawg in October of 2020 to further pursue his passion for journalism on the beautiful game. Orlando City is Patrick's #1 team and is a die-hard supporter. He aspires to be a Sports Commentator either here in the US, or in Europe. #VamosOrlando!

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Ben Gutowski

Ben is 14 years old and has been writing for The Up Dawg since September 2020. He lives right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ben is a big Eagles and Mariners fan, who likes to write about football and baseball.

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Wild.penalty is a fan who writes mainly about the Minnesota Wild and owns an Instagram account under the same username. He plans on making blog posts on a Minecraft city build website and hopes to get more people to join.

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habs fan

Habs fan is you guessed out a huge habs fan. He is also the biggest Carey Price fan there is. His content will mainly consist of the habs. He plans on either being a GM/coach of a sports team or an analyst on Sportsnet. Follow his instas: @habs.penalty and @kaiden.norman

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Atlanta.champion is a die-hard Atlanta sports fan who has been writing on The Up Dawg since June of 2020. He runs an Atlanta Braves Instagram account which is how he got into contact with The Up Dawg. He watches football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

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the goss boss

Ben Goss, a huge Star Wars fan, who usually like to connect a galaxy far far away to sports. His favorite sports are skiing and fencing. Ben decided to join The Up Dawg because he enjoys writing and would like to do it more in the future.

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gino 17

Bio soon to come!

An Underage sports journal for students of the game